Experience Augmented Reality

Developed by students at the
Asbury Park Music Foundation

Click the Instagram button below to open effect.


“ We imagine a future where our ideas become reality. Where music and technology are combined in ways that produce new forms of art. We imagine a future where our voices are heard, in a city that we call our home. We are the youth of Asbury Park. ”


The Asbury Park Music Foundation’s Music Business & Technology program educates and equips underserved youth with career-focused opportunities in entertainment. Students within our program explore new ways of expressing their creativity through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, live stream production and music-based game design.


Our students imagine a future where digital interactivity blends with their real-world surroundings. This is called Augmented Reality and it’s the technology that powers apps like Tik Tok, Snapchat and Instagram. Billboard Magazine has identified AR Developers as one of the top future careers in the music industry.

For our first AR experiment, UNSEEN, we explored what it would look like to have a live musician on a stage performing alongside digital animations on a user’s mobile screen. This AR experience would be unseen in the real world, but seen through the lens of our Instagram effect. This enables audience members to become the camera operators as they film and share the AR experience with their followers across social media.


Meet DJ Kyle

Kyle is a student within our MB&T program. He wants to be a DJ like his dad and he's learning how to create interactive shows so he can 'get a real job'.

Engage with DJ Kyle at the UNSEEN Exhibit, now open at the Transparent Clinch Gallery in Asbury Park.

Stay tuned as students continue to update the effect with new ideas in the months to come. We hope to take what we learned through this UNSEEN project and bring AR experiences to stages across Asbury Park in the future.


This Asbury Park Music Foundation program is delivered with the support of Lakehouse Music Academy and the Boys and Girls Club of Monmouth County. The program launch was provided by Impact 100 Jersey Coast and continued funding is dependent on donors like you.

Special Thanks to Danny Clinch and Tina Kerekes for being tremendous supporters of the Asbury Park Music Foundation and the youth of our city.

Effect Directions

1) Click the Instagram button above to open our Augmented Reality experience in Instagram

2) Use your forward-facing camera (not selfie).

3) Tap to place DJ Kyle on stage/flat surface

3) Pinch/zoom to make him larger

3) Turn up the volume to hear our student-created beat

3) Hold record to share an Instagram video of the experience

4) Tag @asburyparkmusicfoundation @transparentclinchgallery @impact100jc